A modern treatment-sanatorium complex "Shahdag Guba & Truskavets Medical Sanatorium" was opened in Guba. A modern sanatorium-treatment complex has been commissioned in Guba, one of the most prosperous regions of Azerbaijan. This treatment-sanatorium complex called "Shahdag Guba & Truskavets Medical Sanatorium" is located in the center of Guba city, in a secluded corner on the bank of Gudyalchay, near Nizami park. There used to be a hotel complex called "Shahdag" during the Soviet era, and now that hotel has turned into a treatment-sanatorium complex equipped with the most modern medical equipment, a source of healing for many diseases.

The treatment-sanatorium complex consists of two buildings, each building has 79 rooms, which allows to receive about 500 patients at the same time. The word "Truskavets" in the name of the "Shahdag Guba & Truskavets Medical Sanatorium" treatment-sanatorium complex is not accidental. Thus, the famous resort town of Truskavets, located at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine, and the city of Guba became sister cities a few years ago. In 2019, an Agreement on trade-economic, scientific-technical and cultural cooperation was signed between the city of Guba and the city of Truskavets, Ukraine. But it is not only the fraternal ties between the two cities that connect the sanatorium-treatment center in Guba with Truskavets. In the "Shahdag Guba & Truskavets Medical Sanatorium" sanatorium-treatment complex, treatment baths brought from Truskavets were installed, and the experience of the treatment sanatoriums of this Ukrainian resort town was used.

Shahdag Quba & Truskavets
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Shahdag Quba & Truskavets
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