Paraffin Therapy

Paraffin is a high molecular carbohydrate mixture. It is obtained when processing many oils. It is white and semi-transparent in color and melts at a …


The Darsonval device works with current leguminous means that improve blood supply to the epidermis of the head, strengthen and renew hair follicles, and also reduce sebum secretion.


Shower charco


• chronic fatigue syndrome;

• depression;

• neuroses;

• chronic stresses;

• bone-joint system diseases (arthritis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis);

• muscle diseases;

• metabolic disorders, …


Hidrokolonoterapiya yoğun bağırsağın divarının dərin selikli qişa kriptallarına qədər təmizlənməsi prosesidir. Həmin metod təkcə bağırsaqlarda selikli qişanın regenerasiyasında deyil, büt&uum…


Ozokerit is used in the treatment of many diseases. It is an oil product. It contains paraffin and resin, mineral oils. Another name is oil …

A barrel of cider

Get to know the "Cedar Barrel" procedure, which does not end with enumerating the benefits:

This procedure, which essentially consists of a tub made of cedar wood, similar to a…


Phonopharesis is one of the modern methods of physiotherapy, which is the injection of active substances into the body through ultrasound waves.

Phonopharesis is prescribed …

Salt room

One of the newly emerging types of treatment in modern times is salt therapy. All respiratory and asthma research studies have revealed the incredible benefits of natural salt air.

Salt …

Ozone therapy

This method makes it possible to widely use the high oxidizing and catalytic properties of ozone.

Effects of ozone therapy:

- Increases oxygen supply of …

Tens Electrotherapy

It is a method of electrotherapy used for analgesia in acute painful and chronic diseases.

Frequency 1-200 Hz, intensity 0.1-120 mA, pulse duration 50-400 microseconds.

Small p…

Sulfur bath

Sulfur baths are considered the most active method of balneotherapy. These baths, distinguished by their specific effects on each body, have thermal and hydrostatic effects, …


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