Tens Electrotherapy

It is a method of electrotherapy used for analgesia in acute painful and chronic diseases.

Frequency 1-200 Hz, intensity 0.1-120 mA, pulse duration 50-400 microseconds.

Small portable devices are preferred, mostly battery-operated, but larger devices can be used using mains power.

Instructions for use:

Session duration varies.

Generally 30-60 minutes is recommended.

8 hours a day for three weeks is the most recommended form.

In special cases such as postoperative pain, it can be applied continuously for 48 hours.

In the beginning, conventional TENS is preferred.


It is used in the treatment of pain in various diseases:

chronic pain,

lower back pain,


labor pain

back pain

surgical pain,


neuropathic pain,

menstrual pain,


Rheumatic pain, etc.


In patients with heart problems,

Abdominal and pelvic region during pregnancy,

Transcervical area,

In eyes and perfect membranes, epilepsy in patients, head and neck region.