Phonopharesis is one of the modern methods of physiotherapy, which is the injection of active substances into the body through ultrasound waves.

Phonopharesis is prescribed for patients with musculoskeletal problems and for cosmetic purposes.

Phonophoresis has other positive effects:

- Stimulates cell metabolism

- Tissues are supplied with oxygen

- Regeneration speed up the recovery process

- Blood and lymph circulation increases

- Stagnation disappears

- Edema, swelling disappears

- Collagen fibers are restored

It is one of the methods prescribed to patients in many physiotherapy centers.

-Back pains, muscle cramps, sprains

- Arthritis

- Osteochondrosis

- Radiculitis

- Fractures in the musculoskeletal system, recovery after surgery

- Various problems of the spine

- From chronic diseases - gastritis, bronchitis, gynecological, urological diseases

- Neuritis, facial neuritis

- It is successfully used in skin diseases.

Phonopharesis is performed along with drug treatment and other physiotherapeutic procedures, as prescribed by a doctor.