Shower charco


• chronic fatigue syndrome;

• depression;

• neuroses;

• chronic stresses;

• bone-joint system diseases (arthritis, osteoarthrosis, osteochondrosis);

• muscle diseases;

• metabolic disorders, especially obesity;

• vegetative vascular dystonia;

• allergic diseases.


• infectious diseases in the acute stage;

• non-infectious active inflammatory processes;

• thrombophlebitis;

• low body weight;

• Stage II and III hypertension disease;

• history of heart attacks and strokes;

• kidney diseases;

• skin diseases (purulent diseases, eczema, etc.);

• oncopathology;

• Benign neoplasms with an increasing trend;

• high bleeding risk diseases;

• pregnancy at any time;

• menstruation.


Charko shower has many positive effects on the human body.

Under the influence of the "shocked" water flow, blood and lymph flow in the vessels are activated, the number of active capillaries increases, as a result, the blood nourishes the organs better, as well as supplies them with oxygen and substances necessary for full life activity.