The Darsonval device works with current leguminous means that improve blood supply to the epidermis of the head, strengthen and renew hair follicles, and also reduce sebum secretion.

When is Darsonval possible?
Its use is effective for prolapse, dandruff and seborrhea. Darsonvalization normalizes the production of sebum, after which the hair will not wear out and will not look pale. Turning on the device, comb your hair, starting from the forehead and moving to the back of the head, holding the temples. Before use, it is necessary to remove all metal objects from the head and move the procedure away from electrical devices. After using the device, you can apply any care products to the scalp, as the procedure improves their effect.

Darsonval can not only easily get rid of various inflammatory processes of the skin, inflammations, ulcers, but also prevent their occurrence in the future.
The use of Darsonval has a very beneficial effect on varicose veins, various types of neuralgia and nervous system diseases. The device is also effective when working with cellulite.

Features of darsonvalization
Darsonvalization does not take much time (on average 7-11 minutes). The course is best taken once every six months for 10-15 sessions. It is possible to implement them both in salons and medical centers. Hair masks will help increase the effectiveness of the device, they should be applied 15-20 minutes after the session.

The problem of hair loss is very successfully treated by darsonval. Regular exposure to electric hair follicles not only strengthens them, but also causes faster and denser hair growth.

It is not recommended to use the device during pregnancy, cancer, fever, bleeding, tuberculosis and arrhythmia.

The effect of the procedure
After the Darsonvalization procedure, the disturbed microcirculation of the cells of the dermis of the head is restored, the secretion of sebaceous glands is normalized, the cells are saturated with oxygen and useful substances.

It is noted that the scalp stops itching, hair grows faster, and its structure improves. Dersonvalization procedure helps to eliminate inflammation and pustular processes on it. In addition, local immunity is activated, as well as:

-sensitivity to pain decreases;
-allergy manifestations decrease;
- the appearance and tone of the skin improves.

After the procedure, the hair and dermis absorb all the useful components from the applied cosmetic preparations. Masks are applied immediately after the session. For this, the hair is divided into sections and the fingertips gently rub the product into the dermis.

A deeper penetration of useful components helps the skin to be in a pre-warmed state. Everything should be washed off after 15-30 minutes.